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Who Are We?

Sarah R. 
Owner - Operator

"I am a lover of uncontained and immortal beauty."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Something the children’s clothing market always seemed to struggle with was “color”. I didn’t like the typical offerings for babies (pink, blue, yellow – the staples of commercial baby clothes) and I wanted to stay true to my roots: ethical, slow fashion.

Over the course of 2 years of hunting, I found a source for organic double-gauze fabric (also known as muslin) from a company that takes great pride in paying their overseas employees living wages and investing in the women of their community. I tried a low-water dyeing technique, crucial for our water-depleted area and I discovered that instead of struggling with color, the science of dye came to me almost naturally. My first colors were unstable, but as I learned to control measurements and reproduce blankets consistently, my fascination and offerings grew.
In August, HGTV asked to interview me about my most popular offering at the time: Dusty Sage. You can still find it in the shop today, but I have grown so much since then! We offer complex colors you won’t see on most retail shelves and take great pride in our small-batch, water-conserving approach. What all started in a bucket on my kitchen floor has grown into a wild passion for new and trend-setting colors. 

 My favorite part of creating and designing for The Swaddle Company is the challenge of mixing colors in just the shade I imagine. Some of my favorite colors have 9 or more pigments in them. When those powdered dyes hit the water, they explode like fireworks, pigment drifting slowly through my mixing-cup or lazily floating on the top, refusing to dissolve. It’s amazing what wild particles of color are contained in something we read as a solid “green”.

We strive first to provide an ethical and healthy choice for swaddling your babes, and secondly, we strive to be different. We want to offer those colors that appeal to the moms who don’t fit the mold and their precious little ones who are equally adventurous. We’re a little rough around the edges. We like to get dirty and have grass stains on our feet. We are always looking for adventure. We believe nature is the closest thing to a fairytale and kindness is magic.

Our products are 100% organic cotton and made to stand up to the wear and tear of life on the move. Our commitment to organic products is crucial for two reasons: 1. Babies are growing and developing and whether it be our organic clothing or our organic bedding, that’s a lot of skin-to-skin contact. We believe it’s really important to avoid toxic chemicals that may harm their development. 2. Cotton, as a crop, is one of the worst offenders of chemical overuse. In a recent study I read, the amount of pesticides used on cotton far outweighed any other crop. It leaches right from the plants into our water systems and impacts everyone! We believe we’re doing our best to support a healthier environment, one that we can be proud to hand down to future generations.

We have so many exciting things planned! Our VIP group or Instagram account(s) are the best way to see the newest developments and behind the scenes action, but I can share that we’re looking to the skies this year for cosmic inspiration as we plan our upcoming 2019-2020 launch!

Meet the team!

Niki B.
Brand Manager

"You were born an original, don't die a copy" 

Christie C.
Brand Photographer - Designer

"She was the type to fall in love with the moon, and everything that was beautifully unreachable." - Santi D.P.

Ashley R.
Do-It-All, Brand Show Organizer / Aid

"Do not underestimate the fire within her, for she will burn your perceptions to the ground." - RH Fowler