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The Little Details

G A R M E N T - C A R E

We love having access to thousands of small-time fabric designers who you won’t see anywhere else! The earth-friendly printing process is done with water-based pigments and is prone to more fading due to the way knit fabric stretches. As your clothing is washed, you’ll notice it become softer and softer and maybe fade a little. To combat that, we strongly encourage you to wash your garment inside out (avoiding laundry loads with jeans or other heavy and abrasive items) and use phosphate-free detergents. 

S W A D D L E - C A R E


We like to keep things simple and care easy.
Wash with like colors, no bleach, tumble dry low.


Like our Essentials collection, we try to keep things simple. Wash with like colors, no bleach, tumble dry low. To help preserve the water-based ink, we recommend washing without fabric softener.