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Our Ethics

Somewhere, somehow, the narrative of motherhood got lost. The modern motherhood story is obscuring your personality and taste, instead shoving babies into two categories: pale blue or blush pink. Fear of dirt, fresh air and natural childhood has relegated infants to hospitals and anti-bacterial soap.

We’re upending this story and we see you! We see the courage and patience, the late nights and even earlier mornings. We know that motherhood can both give and take everything from you, so why give up who you really are just to fulfill this world’s expectations of “motherhood”?

Live life, wildly and beautifully crafted, supported with practical products and simpler living. Our mindful, organic swaddles are not only easy to use, easy to care for, but let you express your individualism in a world that’s full of too much noise and too much “baby stuff”.  We’re ready to change how we express our motherhood, starting with the most basic of necessities: swaddles. Share your motherhood with us. 

A word from the owner:

What does it mean to be ethical in fashion? For us it means working with mills that give their workers a living wage, safe working conditions and are environmentally friendly. For you it means you can feel good about wrapping or dressing your little one in our products knowing that from step one we have put thought and care into creating a product that is free of harsh chemicals and pesticides and that this small luxury didn’t come at the expense of misuse or mistreatment of either our earth or a fellow person.
We’re starting small because we are small, but that’s not deterring us! We know that as we grow so will the things we can do to give back. But we have to start somewhere and waiting “till we’re big enough or can do more” isn’t the answer. Start small, dream big
Thank you for supporting our small shop!
Sarah R.
Owner / Operator